Arrive in Jerusalem

I arrived in the Tel Aviv Airport at 4:05 p.m. after having a difficult time flying on Delta.  But my luggage made it with me, and so I am good to go.   Barry Vaughn met up with me at the taxi stand and so we shared a sherroot with 8 other people.  We didn’t arrive at St. Andrews Scottish Hospice until 6:40 p.m. Allan Rabbinowitz and Tzippi Moss were supposed to meet me at 6:45, so I quick got my key stowed my luggage and came down stairs.  Tzippi was a couple of minutes late, so I have time to take some pictures at twilight of the walls of the Old City as seen from the Hospice.  We are very close to the Old City, and we only had to walk 6 blocks to meet Allan at the Joy Restaurant.  He had been guiding an American Actor who stars on the television series the Good Wife.

I wanted to take Allan and Tzippi to the Joy Restaurant, not only because it is good, but the old Round Table ICE Group celebrated Jeffrey Ballon’s 65th 

birthday at the Joy Restaurant.  Our dinner brought back wonderful memories of Jeffrey, and Allan and Tzippi wanted to know about the trip last summer to Bangladesh and India – Tzippi wants to visit India.  Also Allan has guided a group that included Ed Hurley one of our Birmingham 8 Group, when he was attending a  program at Tantur.  Tomorrow our Birmingham Group will be having lunch or dinner at Tantur.

Allan says that Israel has had a cool wet spring and early summer.  When I returned to the Hospice, Ed, Steve and Ray were sitting out on the roof outside of our room.  It is a beautiful night, but chilly – maybe 67 degrees.  I wish I had a jacket.  I need desperately to get to bed.


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    Thank you.

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