Some Questions to Consider When Reading We Have Taken a City

Some Questions to Consider When Reading

We Have Taken a City


  1. Do you think sin and evil are purely personal concepts, or do you believe in the possibility of corporate sin and corporate evil?
  2. Do you think there were people in Nazi Germany who did not support their government, but who suffered the consequences of World War II none the less
  3. Do you think institutional racism is a reality?
  4. What do you think might be some examples of institutional racism?
  5. Before reading this book were you aware of post-civil war racial violence?
  6. How does the history in this book relate to your knowledge of the Civil Rights Movement?
  7. How does this history affect how you see current outbreaks of racial violence?
  8. After reading this history does it surprise you to learn that the City of Ferguson is a majority African American Community that is run by a minority white administration and police department?
  9. How do you think White Christians should respond to the “Black Lives Matter” movement?
  10. Is there a way to prevent police from being “targeted” and still hold police accountable for their actions?
  11. Can you see a way that the current wave of protests might lead to better race relations?
  12. Do you think the current election cycle is in anyway responsible for racial tensions?
  13. How do you think churches might contribute to a reconciliation between the races in America?
  14. Can you think of anyway the United Church of Huntsville might better promote interracial reconciliation?

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